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Fire at Oak Bay home displaces tenants

The damage could've been much worse if the property's landlord didn't see flames shooting from the building and call 911.

Man clings to moving car during road rage incident in T.O.

Pot-infused candies left on car windshields

There are concerns after a number of pot-infused candies were left on car windshields in downtown Vancouver.

$16.8M Arthur Erickson home for sale

It's described as Erickson's most complete work, and now the stunning steel and glass home is for sale in West Van.

Memorial for journalist, coroner Barb McLintock

The legacy Barb McLintock leaves behind was evident in the people who showed up to pay respects at a celebration of life today.

Island helicopter flown to Chile to fight fires

Help is on the way for the Chilean government, which needs all the assistance it can get to fight devastating wildfires.

BC Transit brings buses into 21st century

Things like on-board announcements and scrolling text have been added to the fleet, while a dedicated mobile app will come in spring.

CTV News at Six Vancouver Island for Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019

CTV News at Six Vancouver Island

Scolded for eating snack on bus, diabetic teen speaks out

Diabetic teen Sequilla Stubbs said a bus driver noticed her about to eat a snack to raise her low blood sugar, and told her to put it away because of company policy.

Review board hears stabbing suspect fit for trial

There's been a major development for the man accused of fatally stabbing a 13-year-old at an Abbotsford high school in 2016.